Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner in Bethesda 2016 (Video+photos+menus)

No cooking skills? No time? No family? Not to worry, the annual Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row guide to Bethesda restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day is here.

Make sure to call ahead to reserve your seat, and ensure there are still reservations available for the time you plan to dine.


Positano has been a fixture in downtown Bethesda since 1977, and is open every day of the year. While known for its Italian menu, you can also get a traditional Thanksgiving day feast with turkey (white or dark meat), mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, string beans, cranberry sauce and Italian bread at this spacious restaurant on Fairmont Avenue. Pumpkin and apple pie, as well as several flavors of ice cream, are available to round out the meal. They'll be open regular hours on Thanksgiving, and their traditional Italian menu will be available as well.

4948-4940 Fairmont Avenue
Dessert options on the
Thanksgiving menu at
Del Frisco's Grille
Del Frisco's Grille

Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Pike & Rose with sliced roast turkey, sage apple sausage stuffing, green beans and cranberry sauce. Starter options are a butternut squash soup with rye croutons, deviled eggs and a holiday salad with mixed greens, dried cranberries, goat cheese and candied pecans. Dessert choices include pumpkin cheesecake, Nutella bread pudding, Molten Chocolate Cake, and Salted Caramel Pudding Jar. $39. Regular menu available.

WATCH: Video review of Thanksgiving 2015 at Del Frisco's Grille

11800 Grand Park Avenue
(301) 881-0308
Dine with an aerial view of
the holiday lights of
Pike & Rose at City Perch
this Thanksgiving
City Perch

City Perch's Thanksgiving menu drops last year's sweet potatoes in favor of traditional Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and gravy to go with the roasted turkey breast, chestnut stuffing, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and orange cranberry compote. The menu also plays up the restaurant's semi-secret weapon, renowned pastry chef Sherry Yard. That means not only in-house baked Parker House rolls, but a decadent 3-layer Silken Pumpkin Pie. The $45 menu ($20 per child 12 and under) also includes an acorn squash bisque and Autumn Salad as a first and second course.

11830 Grand Park Avenue

Clyde's of Chevy Chase

The Clyde's Thanksgiving dinner tradition continues at the Collection at Chevy Chase.

5441 Wisconsin Avenue
(301) 951-9600

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille in Chevy Chase will offer their Executive Chef's take on Thanksgiving favorites, as well as their regular menu.

5310 Western Avenue
(301) 718-7812

Founding Farmers

This popular American restaurant at Park Potomac will be serving up popular American Thanksgiving dishes on its hefty Thanksgiving menu. $35 per person; $20 for children under 12.

12505 Park Potomac Avenue
(301) 340-8783

La Ferme

Travel to the French countryside for Thanksgiving at La Ferme in Chevy Chase, just minutes from downtown Bethesda. Starter options include Cream of Pumpkin soup; house-smoked Norwegian salmon with all the accoutrements including Bermuda onions, chopped eggs, capers and toasted Pumpernickel bread; or Oyster stew with leeks, potatoes and Applewood bacon. For the main entree, choose from classic turkey with chestnut stuffing and cranberry compote, or crabmeat-stuffed filets of sole with Champagne sauce, or New York Strip with mashed potatoes. For the big finish, select from pumpkin cheesecake, apple and cinnamon crème brulée, warm crèpes filled with milk chocolate and hazelnut ganache and caramel sauce, or an assorted French cheese plate served with dried fruits and nuts (Fourme d'Ambert AOC, Tomme de Savoie AOC and Buche de Chèvre cendrée).

$52. Served from 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM

7101 Brookville Road
(301) 986-5255

Le Vieux Logis

Yes, the revamped restaurant in downtown Bethesda raved about in the Washington Post is in the Thankgiving sweepstakes for the second year in a row, and the menu can be as American or French as you want.

7925 Old Georgetown Road
(301) 652-6816


A long-standing fixture on my list, Maggiano's will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal family-style.

Chevy Chase Pavilion
5333 Wisconsin Ave NW
(202) 966-5500


A veritable Thanksgiving tradition, atop the Bethesda Metro station.

7400 Wisconsin Avenue
(301) 657-2650

The Irish Inn at Glen Echo

The Irish Inn will be serving dinner from 12:00-7:00 PM, $40 per adult, and $20 per child under 10. A wide variety of starters are available on the vast menu, which ranges from the traditional to the Indian-inspired.

6119 Tulane Avenue
(301) 229-6600

Ruth's Chris Steak House

The Thanksgiving restaurant meal that can start with a Louisiana seafood gumbo, if you wish. Another Thanksgiving tradition in downtown Bethesda. Check out the menu here.

7315 Wisconsin Avenue
(301) 652-7877

Seasons 52

This health-conscious restaurant at North Bethesda Market is entering the Thanksgiving lineup for the first time. So you'll find a Pumpkin Pie Mini Indulgence on the menu.

11414 Rockville Pike
(301) 984-5252

Happy Thanksgiving
Robert Dyer
Bethesda Row!


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Maggiano's is in DC, you imbecile

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8:48AM & 8:50AM If Reamer thinks Westbard folks can walk to friendship heights, then Maggiano's and Capital Grill should be an easy stroll.

If you were familiar with the area, you'd know Bethesda residents patronize friendship heights restaurants. They are allowed over the DC line :)

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@909- I know that. I live in Bethesda. The point is that Dyer should only be promoting Bethesda restaurants, to help aid the restaurant initiative in MoCo.

Take a lap.


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More dine-and-dash opportunities for the perpetually mooching Dyer.

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@ 2:37 PM -

They all earn five stars!

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2:37: I haven't had Thanksgiving dinner at all of these, but of the ones I have, Del Frisco's had the best turkey.

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@445 - so explain Clyde's birdbrain

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Well, Happy holidays, trolls! Geez, it's Thanksgiving dinner and it's only available to eat at limited restaurants in the area. This post has a nice list of restaurants that would be very convenient to go if you aren't cooking this year. Lighten up already.

Robert Dyer said...

6:58: For someone so geographically-illiterate and poorly informed about the area, you are quick to criticize others. Clyde's is in Maryland, knucklehead.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bethesda Magazine should hire Roger once he is banned from the Council. Restaurants can ply him with free booze and pizza.
Roger has more energy than all of the freelancers and interns combined!

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