Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Montgomery County 2016 election results

Updated: 11:55 PM - Term limit support holding at 69% in latest results

Updated: 11:26 PM - Term limit support surges to 69% in latest results

Updated: 11:02 PM - Term limits support holding at 68% in latest results

Updated: 10:30 PM - Term limits support rises to 68% in latest results

Updated: 10:19 PM - Term limits support holds at 67% in latest results

With 264 of 267 precincts reporting, 69% of Montgomery County voters have voted FOR term limits on ballot Question B. Voters are also supporting the Question C that would allow Councilmember Nancy Navarro to run again in 2018 with 79% of the vote.

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 74% to 20%.

Chris Van Hollen (D) is leading for U.S. Senate with 75% of the vote.

Jamie Raskin (D) is blowing out Dan Cox for the 8th Congressional District House seat by 74% to 21%.

Jeanette Dixon, Rebecca Smondrowski and Shebra Evans continue the lead they established in early voting for the 3 Board of Education seats.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is soon time to start draining the Montgomery County political swamp.

Thank God not all of America is as out of touch as those who reside in the DC/MD/VA corridor.

President Donald J. TRUMP will make us proud once again!