Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Union reaches tentative agreement with Giant, likely avoiding strike

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 400 has reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement with Giant parent company Ahold, averting a strike if the agreement is approved by members at a meeting today. A marathon negotiating session that ran late Tuesday produced the breakthrough.

According to a UFCW Local 400 spokesperson, the deal will preclude takebacks Ahold had sought in the new contract. If successful, the agreement will avert a damaging holiday-season strike.


Anonymous said...

Why not take a picture of the Giant itself, instead of just the sign at the entrance to the shopping center?

Are you not allowed on the property anymore?

Skippy said...

8:20am: Does your mom still allow you to access the internet? She may disconnect you again with more weird comments like that.

Anonymous said...

Robert - any word on how the Regency & Equity One Merger could affect Westbard?

Anonymous said...

#UnsignedDyer @ 8:25 AM -

5 minutes. LOL

Now you may go back to fantasizing that Robert Dyer is Anthony Bourdain's brother by another mother.

Skippy said...

9:25am you're the guy who imagines himself as a Michelin guide reviewer of local chain restaurants.
There's good reason you're not invited to restaurants and Dyer is. :)