Saturday, September 21, 2019

DoubleTree Bethesda conversion to The Bethesdan Hotel nearing completion (Photos)

The transition of the DoubleTree Bethesda hotel to The Bethesdan Hotel is almost official. Construction on the Leo & Liv restaurant inside is in the home stretch, as you can see in these photos. The lobby transformation is also nearing completion.
It's exciting to see the restaurant space now perfectly resembling the renderings shown in the past. You can see a counter installed for the "grab and go" 24-hour food offerings (it actually has a construction note reading, "Grab & Go," on it) which will include fresh products from downtown Bethesda businesses, in keeping with the Tapestry by Hilton emphasis on hotels that reflect the local community they are in. Henry's Sweet Retreat is one of the first local businesses to come on-board for the grab-and-go menu.

Construction note scribbled on counter
reads, "Bethesda Hilton - Grab & Go"

Almost there...

Leo & Liv restaurant under construction

Leo & Liv

New and old-school luggage carts


Anonymous said...

So glad the doubletree is getting the update. So sad they didn’t go all the way with their original glass window in the ballroom and wood accented facade. This current facade is lipstick on a pig. The interior is super nice though!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This. Great interior renovation. Same ugly exterior.

Anonymous said...

I agree, they really value-engineered the exterior modifications. Are they done with the exterior paint job? It still looks dated. Odd to mix warm beige paint, with cool blue accents. The original renderings showed a fresh and bright all white exterior finish, above a dark grey base, with much more new glass in the lobby and meeting room pre-function area. I went up there yesterday. The new wood clad stair is nice, but the same dark and foreboding pre-function area is still very unattractive, even with new finishes. The lobby does look nice though.

Those stupid and silly arched glass canopies are still over the entrance drive on Wisconsin. Even with all the money they spent, this will still be only the fourth best hotel in Bethesda, and will soon be the sixth best, after the flagship Bethesda Marriott and edgy new AC Hotel Bethesda open in a few years.

Too bad they could not stick with the enhanced exterior modifications to really give the hotel anew image.

Anonymous said...

I concur. The curved frosted glass awnings are an old design that just looks outdated now. The original plan was so much better. Interior looks nice though. Wonder how much prices will increase?