Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bethesda construction update: Element 28 luxury apartments (Photos)

The Element 28 luxury apartment project is now about one story above street level at 7535 Old Georgetown Road in downtown Bethesda.

Developed by Kettler, the finished 15-story building will hold 101 residential units, 3500 SF of retail, a rooftop lounge, a wine cellar, a bike workshop, a fitness center and a glowing leaf sculpture at ground level.


Anonymous said...

For how much longer will they be allowed to use a lane of Old Georgetown road for their own use? On most days I see it being used for free parking for construction workers' vehicles. Why do they get free parking and normal citizens have to pay?

Anonymous said...

I think that lane of Old Georgetown is going to be closed for the foreseeable future. Now they have erected a covered sidewalk in the lane so they can take over the actual sidewalk too. (Bright side: when it starts to snow, they won't have to shovel the side walk. They were the worst when it came to shoveling last winter.)

Anonymous said...

7:25 PM - it's quite possible that the developer and/or the construction company would need to pay a fee to the county for use of that lane. But I don't know for sure.