Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Fairmont Avenue sidewalk update (Photos)

Here's the status of the new sidewalk segment on the south side of Fairmont Avenue, between Norfolk Avenue and Old Georgetown Road. It's been upgraded to Bethesda Streetscape standards, as part of the JBG 7770 Norfolk luxury condo project down the block. Businesses along the block are in much better shape with the sidewalk reopened in front of their facades (you may recall their clients had to use wooden ramps to reach their doors while the major work was being done).


Anonymous said...

If you want an idea for an article, write about how so many of the lanes closed for construction are just being used for construction workers to park their personal vehicles and not pay for parking.

Just walking through Bethesda today, I saw it happen on Old Georgetown by the metro (where the bank used to be.. Level building?), and in front of Silver. The funny one about Silver is they have perfectly good parking in the Capital Crescent Garage, but of course that involves paying for parking. Also saw the same thing on Fairmont today. How much parking revenue is the county losing by allowing lanes to be closed so they can be used as parking spaces?

Anonymous said...

That new brick sidewalk is riddled with manhole covers, concrete sections, covers for whatever. This Bethesda brick is a horrific look with this patchwork end result.