Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Bethesda Barbecue Company closed? Part III

The mystery online auction of the contents of an "upscale Bethesda barbecue restaurant" has been updated with an inventory of items, and a date for the auction (Wednesday, August 26, 2015). As I reported yesterday, not only does Bethesda Barbecue Company remain closed and without an active online presence, but the model of smoker they used appears to be the same model being offered in the auction. Alas, the online auction page continues to hide the name of the restaurant. But the word "barbecue" has now been removed from the description of the restaurant.

An anonymous commenter suggested yesterday that Bethesda Barbecue Company would be reopening with a new concept in the Elm Street space.

If it does - and if it is indeed the restaurant in this auction listing - it would have to operate without the following items listed for bid in said auction:

  • ovens
  • "complete kitchen"
  • blender
  • air conditioning
  • "digital music amplifier"
  • sink
  • security system
  • kitchen door
  • pots and pans
  • all dining room furniture
  • ice machine
  • fryer
  • grease trap
  • dishwasher and dishes
  • trash cans
  • refrigerators
  • the chef's line
  • microwave
  • hood exhaust
  • answering machine
Just to name a few.

If you can run a restaurant (or a "deli", as the rumor suggested) without all of that, I'd love to hear the explanation of how. I'm having a flashback to Pizza Pass. 

Stay tuned...the name of the restaurant will supposedly now be revealed Monday evening.


Anonymous said...

"They're losers." -Donald Trumps

Anonymous said...

Still nothing on Monte Carlo? They were in Bethesda for nearly 30 times as long as Bethesda Barbeque Company.

Anonymous said...

Monte Carlo has been closed for awhile now.
Tough climate in the county for small businesses.

Anonymous said...

If you've been to the space, you can clearly recognize the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

"Answering machine"

How much do they think they will get for that? Seriously?

JAC said...

Especially tough climate for crappy restaurants run by people that don't know what they're doing.

JAC said...
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JAC said...
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