Tuesday, April 05, 2016

More noisy nights ahead in downtown Bethesda

Homes along Tilbury Street
off Cheltenham Drive
The Montgomery County Department of Transportation's Division of Highway Services has requested a nighttime noise waiver from the County Department of Environmental Protection. It plans to mill, patch and resurface Cheltenham Drive between Wisconsin Avenue and Tilbury Street in downtown Bethesda next month.

Due to the impact of the work on several businesses along Cheltenham, MCDOT is seeking permission to do the work at night, between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. They are expected to start around May 2, and the work will require about ten days to complete.

There is a multifamily residential building in the affected block, on top of the Cheltenham public parking garage, and houses nearby along Tilbury Street and Cheltenham. Businesses include CVS Pharmacy, Chevy Chase Cars and a Midas auto repair shop.


Anonymous said...

This wasn't part of the M Luis repaving done over the past two years?

Robert Dyer said...

Apparently not.

Anonymous said...

These people should just take up suites at the Jefferson until the noise subsides.

Anonymous said...

This road has been a mess for a couple of years and definitely needs repair. The CVS and the car dealer have entrances off Wisconsin that they could use. The Midas has an entrance from the alley that runs behind it. Doing the work at night would, however, have a high impact on the jazz club, because the club's primary parking lot is the Cheltenham Garage.

Anonymous said...

If its M. Luis Company doing the work, then be prepared for this to last about twice as long as anticipated and case twice as much disruption, based on their crap work in the northern part of East Bethesda.

TB said...
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