Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Australian-based gym coming to Gallery Bethesda luxury apartments (Photos)

Functional 45 Training (known as F45, for short) is coming to the ground floor retail space at the Gallery Bethesda luxury apartments. F45 is a chain of gyms that started in Australia, and has some celebrity names to drop as is par for the course in today's fitness market.

Workouts are promised to be "nothing short of insane," tested at their Australian headquarters, and beamed to plasma screens in the gym. Ricky Martin and Nicole Richie are among their celebrity clients.


Anonymous said...

"Ricky Martin and Nicole Richie are among their celebrity clients."

Anonymous said...

What's their specialty, the Kangaroo hop?

Anonymous said...

"Workouts are...beamed to plasma screens in the gym"

Plasma screens? Bleeding edge technology... oh, wait, in 2000.

Heavy, thick, energy hogs, and limited resolution. Obsolete. After March 2014, only a single manufacturer, in China, makes them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Also, it sounds like the trainers will not be on-site, but only broadcast via this obsolete technology.

How is this better than going to YouTube and getting the same training for free?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert for the shout out!

I apologize for the cultural overlap from Australia to American in terms of slang and style of speech. Plasma TVs are just flat screen TVs (the Bethesda location is getting 52" LED smart TVs with the highest energy ratings), much the same way soccer in America is Football in almost all of the rest of the world. On our Ausie site there are a few things that may not translate over and we are working hard to have an entire American team and marketing that translates to Americans!

We are a Functional Movement, HIIT and Circuit training experience. We have Certified personal trainers at all classes and the workouts are highly researched and we strive to be the fitness leaders in all aspects. Check out our Facebook, website, and most of all stop by for a workout when we open! Anyone can come for two free weeks risk free to try it out and see for themselves what the rage is all about. We look forward to see all of you early August.


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