Saturday, June 11, 2016

Park Bethesda rebrands as The Residences at Capital Crescent Trail

Ahead of the construction of a second 110' apartment tower on Capital Properties' Westbard Avenue site, the developer has rebranded its existing Park Bethesda high-rise. The building's brand-wrapped shuttle bus and website are both displaying the new name, The Residences at Capital Crescent Trail.

It is a somewhat curious change, as Park Bethesda reflected both the aspirational location of Bethesda, and the adjacent Little Falls Stream Valley Park that gives units on that side a forest view. Now the popular trail, formerly a CSX rail line from Silver Spring to Georgetown, is the selling point.

The apartment tower has been undergoing renovations in recent years. It began its life as a federal government office building. Park Bethesda has long been considered a steal for its lower-than-downtown rent, while offering several high-end features, including floor-to-ceiling windows.

A set of townhomes will also be developed on the property's Westbard Avenue-fronting parking lot. Perhaps the rebranding is meant to create a common name for the three multifamily developments that will eventually share the site.

Neighbor Equity One is rapidly moving forward with its New Westwood redevelopment; Capital Properties has not announced a timeline for its projects yet.


Anonymous said...

And in just a few more years, the name of the complex will change yet again, to "The Residences at The Purple Line".

That will be so awesome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To think that when the CCT was being planned, a lot of Bethesda residents were opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

9:45AM - Cool. Where can I read about it? Were you one of the opposed?

Anonymous said...

Dyer wants to build those 1960s freeways and the second crossing. Yet he opposed the ICC and opposes widening the Beltway between the American Legion Bridge and the I-270 spur, which would provide the staff of Maryland's Fortune 500 companies with much quicker access to Dulles Airport.

Weird, isn't it?

Robert Dyer said...

11:31: Your first sentence is correct, but you are completely distorting my position on the ICC and Beltway. I opposed the financial scheme of the ICC which was the worst of all worlds - we pay to build and maintain it, AND. pay a high toll to use it. Second, I opposed a Beltway widening that was being floated in 2006 that would require demolition of homes. Stop lying. The Dulles Toll Road is already failing to provide the direct access businesspeople need from *MoCo* to Dulles. Its toll is also a deterrent. Our bridge toll would be cheaper than the Dulles Toll Road.

Anonymous said...

The future residents will love the backups to simply get out of Westbard. It will be a prolific cluster F! Particularly, at the same old 1960's light at Ridgefield & River.

Anonymous said...

Bethesda is getting SoDoSoPa as fuck

Next up will be "The Homes at the Residences at Capital Crescent Trail"