Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bethesda demolition update: 4733 Bethesda Avenue (Photos)

The most deliberate tear-down in Bethesda history is also the tallest tear-down in Bethesda history. But without TNT or wrecking balls, the demolition of the office building at 4733 Bethesda Avenue is taking a heck of a long time to finish.

Click here to watch a building of the same height come down in seconds via controlled demolition.

The building will be replaced by The JBG Companies' 4747 Bethesda Avenue office-retail project.


Anonymous said...

Robert please update us on little falls library. When is it set for reopen? Thanks!

Robert Dyer said...

It will reopen in May, unless they have another setback. I noticed the trench they had dug after the flood has been filled in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Hopefully that's a good sign.

Anonymous said...

They have been spending the last couple of weeks removing asbestos flooring. Workers were all suited up and bags of hazardous waste were hauled away.