Friday, April 07, 2017

WMATA to replace escalators at Bethesda Medical Center, Friendship Heights Metro stations

Friendship Heights Metro station,
ugly new ahistorical lighting
and all
Metro will be replacing more of the original, aging escalators at Red Line stations in Bethesda and Chevy Chase. A similar project was just completed at the Bethesda Metro station. Now, commuters who use the Medical Center and Friendship Heights stations will be getting an upgrade.

Both stations opened on August 25, 1984, and their escalators are just as old. WMATA will any day now begin replacing 3 long entrance escalators at the Friendship Heights station, and the last-remaining original bus bay-to-landing short escalator. At Medical Center, contractor KONE will also replace the 3 long entrance escalators. Medical Center's are 202' long, while the entrance escalators at Friendship Heights are only 130' long.

The work means one escalator will be out of service at all times, at both stations, over the next two-and-a-half years. Elevators will remain open at both, and escalator technicians will be standing by at both stations at all times, in case any of the escalators in service break down. Should escalator capacity or station overcrowding issues arise, both stations could temporarily shut down, and be bypassed by trains until the situation is resolved. WMATA recommends riders sign up for MetroAlerts so they will know if either station is closed.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "Elevators will remain open?"
The elevator at Medical Center hasn't been open in ages.

Robert Dyer said...

What are you talking about? They couldn't stay open if there was no elevator - there would be no station access for the disabled.

Scott Orkin said...

Yes, was there yesterday. Elevator closed at medical Center.

Robert Dyer said...

5:11: How are those with disabilities getting in and out of the station? This would be a major scandal unless there's some alternative ADA entrance I'm not aware of.

Anonymous said...

they've been providing bus service to/from Bethesda station for what feels like years

their website says it'll be done in 4 days though?!?!

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