Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kenwood's third-world roads will finally be repaved

The deplorable state of the roads in the exclusive Kenwood neighborhood have boggled my mind for some time now. How does one of the most expensive and sought-after neighborhoods in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area, home to some of the most notable and important residents in Montgomery County, end up being so neglected by the county government? The third-world-quality roads were reason enough for Kenwood's majority vote for term limits last November.

Well, message received - finally something is belatedly being done about it.

Work is scheduled to begin in late April, and last for about 6 months. All work will be performed during business hours, and only on weekdays. Expect short-term parking restrictions, and watch for flagmen directing traffic.


Anonymous said...

2 days, 9 hours, 12 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Shoplifting from the gift shop of Glen Echo Park? The place that Robert Dyer will transform into the next Disneyworld? What's this world coming to?

Charlottesville_Cav said...

Much needed work. Driving on the lunar surface is better than current conditions

Anonymous said...

Bad road conditions, certainly. Third world? Dyer is a tad out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Here is what you would encounter in an actual "third-world-quality road":

-Large heaves or ruts in roadway requiring one to come to a complete stop.
-Mud seeping up through cracks in roadway.
-Untrimmed street trees encroaching into travel lanes.
-Open sewers adjacent to roadway.
-Large piles of trash or sand or gravel at random places in the roadway.
-Pavement disappears completely, giving way to cobblestones, gravel or unimproved dirt.
-Inactive traffic lights with no warning posted.

Also, the term "third world" is dated. (It originated during the Cold War.) A more up-to-date, "politically correct" term is "developing nations".

Barwood Sucks said...

Kenwood is pretty bad. Street was cracked badly. Lots of debris.

Robert Dyer said...

5:24: Only the paid stooge for the County Council could write a lengthy comment defending the failure of the Council to execute one of its most basic responsibilities, to adequately maintain public roadways.

Instead, they spent their time and taxpayer money on priorities like tanning beds, Styrofoam, healthy vending machines, and destroying existing residential neighborhoods with urbanization sprawl.

Anonymous said...

No existing residential neighborhoods have been "destroyed" or replaced by anything.

"Urbanization" and "sprawl" are polar opposites.

Protecting our environment, and protecting our children from obesity and increased risk of skin cancer later in life, are legitimate functions of government.

Anonymous said...

Are these paid stooges off the books? Because I don't see them as a line item in the open budget.

Robert Dyer said...

7:47: Westbard redevelopment hasn't even started yet. Of course nothing's been destroyed yet.

Overcrowding already-built-out neighborhoods that aren't walking distance to Metro is absolutely sprawl.

Tanning beds, Styrofoam and vending machines are more important than maintaining roads, police and fire, and 911 service? You really must be part of the MoCo cartel!

8:31: What kind of idiot corrupt government official would pay hitmen in the official county budget? They don't even pay them directly - the MoCo cartel does that, just as they pay the salaries of reporters at various failing websites in the county.

Anonymous said...

What the residents of Kenwood do not realize is that the poor condition of their roads actually slows vehicle traffic, which increases safety and the quality of life. Once the road paving project has been completed, residents and non-residents will drive through the community at much greater speed.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous comment from Dyer @ 7:14.

5:24 posted a description of a "third world quality" road.

The conspiracy theory past is all in Dyer's head.

I could say the sky is partly cloudy and he'd somehow find a way to tie that to a failed county council policy or personality.