Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Town Jewelers holding moving sale in Bethesda

Town Jewelers at 7017 Wisconsin Avenue is having a moving sale. All jewelry is 50% off, which is better than a lot of the actual going-out-of-business liquidation sales recently, to be frank. The sign doesn't say where their new location is going to be.


Anonymous said...

Did you contact them to ask where they are moving? I suggest doing this in the daytime when they are actually open.

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Anonymous said...

I called and they don't know where they are moving yet. The sale goes to the end of June.

Roald said...

Every morning I get up and Robert Dyer has breaking retail news. And it's only Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Roald lives a charmed life.

Every morning I get up and Robert Dyer has posted more opinions and
misrepresentations of fact. And it's already Friday!