Monday, January 25, 2016

Bethesda winter storm/road/transit update #Snowzilla #Jonas #Blizzard2016

Plowing operations are now in-progress for Montgomery County-maintained routes termed "primary neighborhood roads" in Bethesda. These include roads like Burdette Road, Drummond Avenue and Cromwell Drive. But the County plow tracker shows snow operations are complete on none of these routes, nor on the major County "emergency roads". MCDOT tweeted to the Montgomery County Civic Federation this morning that the map is not actually live, nor connected to GPS in snowplows, making it less-than-real-time information.

There are reports of treacherous travel, and the Maryland State Highway Administration is reminding drivers that there may be reduced space or number of lanes on some routes.

Metrorail is just opening at 7:00 AM with limited service. In Bethesda, that means you can only travel between Medical Center and Union Station; service is cut off to Grosvenor and North Bethesda.

The Orange Line is running only between Ballston and Eastern Market, and the Green Line from Fort Totten to Anacostia only. But the Silver, Blue and Yellow Lines are out-of-service entirely.

Metrobus: Only the following routes are in operation:
Ride On Bus service is canceled for today, as are Maryland MTA Commuter Bus service and MARC rail.

The first take-off and landing at Ronald Reagan National Airport since Winter Storm Jonas hit took place a short time ago.

Montgomery County Public Schools and the federal government are closed.


Anonymous said...

Why no "real-time information" on the state roads?

Anonymous said...

@4:15 Because the state is behind MoCo technology-wise in matters like this. Not kidding -I aske MD SHA during a previous snowstorm.

For another example, try to report a pothole on a state road using their online system. It's a mess. No way to even check the status of your request after filing it.

Robert Dyer said...

4:59: Considering the County government was found to be running on Windows 2000 in 2014, the state must be running on DOS.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

An update on sidewalks - I walked along Old Georgetown from Bethesda Metro to Battery tonight. Biggest offenders - Element 28 & Cheval. Just because you're building isn't constructed, doesn't mean that you don't have to shovel. Also horrible - Merchants Tire (always the worst) and the Lilit/Le Vieux Logis stretch. Happy to see Le Madeleine shoveled, they are usually on my worst offenders list.