Thursday, January 21, 2016

MCPS opening 2 hours late today #snow #MDsnow #MoCosnow

Montgomery County Public Schools will open two hours late today. That's sure to displease parents and students who have complained about road conditions in the County after last evening's snowstorm.

Final exams will continue as scheduled with the 2-hour delay, MCPS announced moments ago.

Update: 5:27 AM:

While schools will open 2 hours late, morning Pre-K, Head Start, half-day programs and field trips are all canceled today.


Anonymous said...

Who needs to light a candle, when cursing the darkness is so much more emotionally fulfilling?

Robert Dyer said...

Given the County "response" to this storm, I'd save that candle for the weekend, when power outages and impassable roads hit the area.

Anonymous said...

You realize that PEPCO is a private company, don't you?

Robert Dyer said...

7:24: Yes, and facing their first real test of the new reliability this weekend.