Thursday, January 14, 2016

VIP holiday pop-up shop closes at Westfield Montgomery Mall

V.I.P Outdoor, a boutique specializing in name brand outerwear, has closed its temporary holiday pop-up shop at Westfield Montgomery Mall. V.I.P.'s main store in the mall by Old Navy remains open for business.


Anonymous said...

Fire and Ice, now this store.

Sears hardly gets any business. You can always find a parking space next to their building.

And Macy's is struggling nationwide.


Next to #DeadOfficePark

Robert Dyer said...

7:38: There are no vacancies at the new town centers in the County?

Anonymous said...

There was a decent sized accident on Fairfax involving two school buses this morning. Looks like the congestion from it also led to a secondary crash on Bradley with airbags deployed. Got any scoop on that Robert? Just curious.

Robert Dyer said...

8:17: A pedestrian was struck. Buses were involved, and a child was transported with non-life-threatening injuries. Unclear yet if the child was the pedestrian, or was hurt onboard a school bus. No word on the collateral accident, however.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert. Your info is always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

7:38. It was a temporary pop up store.