Friday, January 15, 2016

Roundtable discussion on Walter Johnson cluster MCPS school capacity on January 20

If you are concerned about how already-crowded Walter Johnson cluster schools will handle the additional students generated by residential projects planned nearby, you'll want to attend a roundtable on the topic. Montgomery County Public Schools is hosting the event, to be held January 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM, in the cafeteria at Walter Johnson High School (6400 Rock Spring Drive).

After a presentation by MCPS staff, they will take questions from the audience.

Development percolating in the Rock Spring and White Flint 2 planning areas has generated the need to examine the topic.


Anonymous said...

5:23--super clever!! Didn't quite outgrow being the high school halfback who's got to pump his idiot self up picking on the smart kid on the bus every day? You're here all the time with this BS. Grow up, move along, flip the burgers carefully so your stupid ass doesn't get fired and wind up on our dole, and know the rest of us are shaking our heads and thinking how amazingly sad you are.

Anonymous said...

A huge problem with MCPS is the fact that they will let just about anyone in. No wonder they face overcrowding problems. They need to institute an admissions process with interviews and examinations like my children's schools have. At the very least they could control overcrowding by charging tuition.

Anonymous said...

We will not rest until French is made the mandatory language of instruction in our MeauQueau public schools.

CrunchyMama said...

6:12: The "P" in "MCPS" stands for "public." They are required, BY LAW, to admit EVERYONE, and to provide them with "a free and appropriate public education." Tuition is not permitted. A selective admissions process is not allowed. That's not how "public" schools work. That's not how any of this works.

The inability of MCPS planners to project future school populations is one thing (like a brand-new school in Rockville, built from the ground up, that had portables in its second year), but when entire new neighborhoods are being proposed, that's not on MCPS in the short-term. But selective admissions process and tuition? Where would you propose students who didn't"make the cut" go? O.o

Anonymous said...

Those who don't make the cut, could go to Good Counsel.

CrunchyMama said...

How many students do you think Good Counsel can hold? LOL

How would you define "the cut" for students to "make"?

And do you have the funds to pay for the defense against parents who DO understand what the "public" in "public schools" actually does stand for?