Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bethesda construction update: Element 28 luxury apartments (Photos)

The Element 28 luxury apartment tower is throwing us an architectural curve along Commerce Lane in downtown Bethesda. Check out how that facade is taking shape, and more of the details on this Kettler project across from the Bethesda Metro station at 7535 Old Georgetown Road.

Element 28 will include 101 apartments and 3500 SF of retail. According to the updated website, the 15-story project is expected to deliver in Fall 2016. But - the banner along the construction site says Spring 2016.

Place your bets.

Curved facade along
Commerce Lane

Future ramp down into
the parking garage


Anonymous said...

Element 28 is nickel.

Why couldn't they have picked a more awesome element, such as gold (Element 79) or plutonium (Element 94)?

Flynn said...

Terrible name aside, I'm looking forward to this building. Hopefully it will really help activate this section of Bethesda so close to the metro.

It's a shame the Clark building just has empty facade along Old Georgetown without storefronts. As they are pitching for a community park on someone else's land next door, let's pitch that they should renovate and add retail frontage there!

Anyone notice how Element sticks out past the (former) Akridge building? The setback is so much closer to the street. Is the sidewalk going to be much smaller? What a weird look too for one building to be up so far and the other back so far. So much more of this incongruous Bethesda urban planning.