Saturday, November 07, 2015

Sex offense on River Rd., weapon arrest on Beltway + more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on November 4, according to crime data:

Theft. Apple Store (Bethesda Row).

Theft. 4400 block Chestnut Street.

Other sexual offense. 5200 block River Road.

Weapon arrest. Inner Loop of Capital Beltway at Connecticut Avenue.

Theft. 10200 block Old Georgetown Road.


Anonymous said...

Robert -

Why are there so many drug arrests listed in crime reports & so few dwindling reports? Are some of the drug arrests actually alcohol related?

Anonymous said...

There's an angry woman working the counter at CitySports today so here's my warning: don't go there. This wasn't just the typical lack of "thank you" and "please", but out and out hostility. After she slammed my merchandise around a few times, I told her I didn't appreciate her taking her bad mood out on me. She snarled a nasty response to my observation. I would have just returned my stuff but they have a No Return policy since it's a Going Out of Business sale. I found a young guy who said he was a manager and told him what happened. He apologized and said he would talk to her about it. As I left the store, she made a couple more nasty remarks to me. As I stood waiting to see where the kid who said he was the manager was, she told me she was the manager. I was about to remark that helps explain why they are going out of business, when she started to lunge at me. Seriously, she said she was going to call the police because I was harassing her. The other salesgirl just looked at me with this embarrassed smile. I kind of wanted to dare the nasty woman to call the police, but I didn't think it was fair to waste even five minutes of their time dealing with this ridiculousness. At that point, the kid who claimed he was a manager finally came up and put his arm around her, and walked her back to the register. I had already had wasted way too much of my life there, and I left. Folks, the bargains aren't that great in that store, and certainly not worth going in there and risk a very unpleasant encounter with this nasty, angry woman. Just don't bother.

Steve D. said...

Expecting service with a smile as they hurtle into unemployment, eh?