Friday, February 12, 2016

18|8 Fine Men's Salon to open February 14 in Bethesda

Downtown Bethesda's second man-centric salon will open this Sunday, Valentine's Day. 18|8 Fine Men's Salon at 7550 Wisconsin Avenue will offer services including haircuts traditional and modern, hair coloring, facial and scalp treatments, and shaving and waxing.

18|8 is different from the old-fashioned barber shop in another way - you'll be treated to your choice of beer, wine or soda upon arrival.

The salon, which was born from the founder's thought that "men shouldn't be going to a women's salon," joins Roosters in the new high-end men's salon market in downtown Bethesda.

7550 Wisconsin Avenue
(301) 830-8338


Anonymous said...

That signage and name. Yuck. Oh hey look it's 75501818 Fine Men's Salon.

Anonymous said...

Another failed business.

Anonymous said...

That Rooster's looks terrible and is always empty. Now, if there were hot girls working there, they had leather chairs and ESPN and business channel on and you could enjoy a cocktail and a cigar after your appointment, places like that would make a fortune. Of course MoCo would say about half of that is banned.

Anonymous said...

"Of course MoCo would say about half of that is banned."

What an idiotic comment. While indoor smoking is banned in nearly every jurisdiction in the country, drinking is legal in Bethesda's own Drybar. And what led you to believe that "leather chairs", "ESPN" and "business channel" would receive any scrutiny whatsoever?

Anonymous said...

How is Roosters doing anyway?

Anonymous said...

6:30 - blow it out your ass!!