Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Assault w/deadly weapon in Pike District, disorder in Bethesda + more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on February 6, according to crime data:

Disorderly conduct. 8100 block Wisconsin Avenue at 1:21 AM.

Disorderly conduct. 4900 block Cordell Avenue at 1:19 AM.

Kidnapping. 7300 block Wisconsin Avenue at 8:56 AM.

Vehicle burglary. 7100 block Brookville Road (Chevy Chase Section 5).

Liquor arrest. 6900 block Tuckerman Lane.

Assault with deadly weapon. 5500 block Randolph Road at 6:56 PM (Pike District).

Theft from vehicle. 12000 block Rockville Pike (Pike District).

Theft. Timpano Italian Chophouse (Pike District).

Liquor arrest. 11800 block Charen Lane at 9:56 PM.


weski said...

Kidnapping in rush hour in downtown Bethesda????

Anonymous said...

I believe that most incidents labeled "kidnappings" are related to child-custody disputes.

That said, readers are curious about this incident. Why doesn't Dyer try to contact a live person and find out more information about it? Simply copying and pasting items from an official news feed is news-aggregation, not "journalism".

Anonymous said...

Lol so he should spend all his time finding out every detail of each crime?! Hahahahahaha!!!!