Sunday, February 21, 2016

Car stolen from Chevy Chase Section 5, assault on Kentbury Way + much more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on February 18, according to crime data:

Theft. 4800 block Battery Lane.

Vehicle burglary. 8000 block Old Georgetown Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5200 block Rayland Drive.

Vehicle burglary. 4100 block Aspen Street.

Burglary. 5500 block Lincoln Street.

Assault. Kentbury Way at Kentbury Drive at 3:15 PM.

Stolen car. 7500 block Glendale Road (Chevy Chase Section Five).

Theft from vehicle. 5200 block River Road.

Vehicle burglary. 3400 block Thornapple Street (Martin's Additions).

Vehicle burglary. 7200 block Delfield Street (Martin's Additions).

Assault. 5400 block Wisconsin Avenue.

Vehicle burglary. 3400 block Taylor Street (Martin's Additions).

Vehicle burglary. 8900 block Bradmoor Drive.

Theft from vehicle. 7900 block Paloma Court.

Theft. 10400 block Fernwood Road.

Assault. 5800 block Tudor Lane.

Assault. 12200 block Chase Crossing Circle (Pike District).

Death. 5800 block Nicholson Lane at 6:24 PM (Pike District).

Robbery. 7700 block Heatherton Lane at 3:22 PM.

Sexual assault. 8200 block Lochinver Lane at 2:54 PM.

Death. Rockville Pike at Twinbrook Parkway at 12:38 AM (Pike District).


Anonymous said...


I'm no fan of Barwood, but I sure don't remember any of their drivers going postal.

Robert Dyer said...

So because one German airline co-pilot crashed his own plane, you'll never use air travel again? Does that sound like a rational position?

Anonymous said...

No, I wouldn't "never use air travel again", silly. However I would avoid flying on GermanWings.

You suck at analogies.