Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bethesda construction update: JBG retail building on Bethesda Avenue (Photos)

Columns are now in place at the construction site of a new retail building being built by the JBG Companies at 4735 Bethesda Avenue. Here is a new rendering of what the final structure will look like, courtesy of MV + A & Morris Adimi Architects:
The perspective in this rendering
is similar to the above photo.
Courtesy of MV + A & Morris Adimi Architects,
All rights reserved
The future tenant of this building is currently unknown. It will be 23,632 SF in size.


Anonymous said...

Are there any renderings of what the public space will look like between the FRIT and JBG properties? Hopefully this really helps to activate that space. Glad to see more landlords other than FRIT also to create some competition. Rents are insane there!

Robert Dyer said...

I think that public space has gone back to the drawing board, with the JBG plan changes, and still undetermined impact from the Purple Line station.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but for anything to survive there, they're going to have to chop down the big hedge in front of it. It's completely out of sight and out of mind.

Robert D said...

I would hope that goes down and they draw up a cohesive plan.

Ideally there are stairs to the Carr building and theater!
With the county giving up the space, does FRIT and JBG own it jointly? What happened there?

Anonymous said...

8:14 - Hahaha.
As well he should.