Saturday, February 20, 2016

Make Meaning closes at Bethesda Row (Photos)

Katie Holmes never was spotted at Bethesda Row, and now the doors have locked. Make Meaning has closed on Bethesda Avenue.

The family activity center opened in June 2014, arriving from New York City with quite a bit of celebrity hype around it. Alas, the lack of famous, paparazzi-magnet young moms in downtown Bethesda apparently put a crimp in profits and excitement for this unique business.

It's an unusual space with the staircase access, so it will be interesting to see who moves in next.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear they closed. Seemed like a good idea and well suited for Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. We went to check out the place for our 2 year old's birthday party. That seems to be what they specialize in, but the setup wasn't great. Each party is at a long table and the tables are basically all next to each other -- not very private. Pricing was high, and the place was too sterile inside. Staff was nice though.

Note to other parents: go to Kidville, Gymboree, or Playseum if you want to host a birthday party. Much better setup.

Anonymous said...

All of their New York locations have also closed, leaving only two others.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow 6:04 thanks for that info. That makes the news of their closing a whole lot different in context of their NY location closing too and not just a Bethesda local economy issue.