Monday, February 15, 2016

Qdoba closes at Westfield Montgomery Mall (Photo)

Qdoba has closed in the Dining Terrace at Westfield Montgomery Mall. The Mexican chain has other area locations in Silver Spring and Rockville.

Here's the thing that's always annoyed me about Qdoba - they're owned by Jack in the Box, and there are Qdobas seemingly everywhere in the DC area. So why can't they open a Jack in the Box around here?!


Anonymous said...

Lots of places closing, but nothing new opening.


Anonymous said...

All Riemer's fault.

Anonymous said...

It was never really busy in the first place, and when Westfield's addition brought in Chipotle that was it.

Peter said...

Re: Anon @ 659 AM -- no, more like "lots of places with sub-average food closing."

And definitely NOT #deadmall given the flocks of people I see in there all the time. Guess you must be hanging out at the food court at White Flint.

Wrol said...

It's not #deadmall but it's also not bursting with people like Tysons is.