Sunday, August 07, 2016

Accident on Goldsboro Road at River Road in Bethesda (Photos)

An accident involving a single vehicle around 1:00 AM this morning required a huge response at the intersection of Goldsboro Road and River Road in Bethesda. One eastbound lane of River was blocked by emergency vehicles.

The vehicle was overturned in a grassy area off of the northbound lane of Goldsboro as it approaches River. A firetruck's ladder was extended over the scene.
Very little information was available, and there was no ongoing information via scanner communications. Two stretchers were ready to receive patients at the scene. A short time later, a radio update that did not confirm it was related to this incident reported that two victims were transported to local hospitals; one was a trauma patient. One of the hospitals was Suburban Hospital; the other was not identified.

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War on cars.