Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Red Bandana Bakery sets opening date in Bethesda (Photos)

Red Bandana Bakery has set an opening date for its bricks-and-mortar bakery venture at 8218 Wisconsin Avenue. The shop will open on November 1. Red Bandana sells gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, low-fat, and low-sugar baked goods. They'll also sell breakfast items, coffee, tea and and a lunch menu.

The bakery will take over the former Flaxella Cafe space in the medical building. 

Can't wait for November?

Visit their van at the Bethesda Farmer's Market on Sundays at Bethesda Elementary School, or order online or from UberEats. Smoke BBQ also sells some of their products in their restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Um, gross!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Headline from 3 months in the future:

Red Bandana Bakery sets closing date

Placing it into a category with such legends as Soup Up, Red Bandana announced they were closing. It turns out that selling only gluten-free bakery products was not such a great business strategy when only 1% of Americans are allergic to gluten.

Despite having few customers when they set up their van to sell at the Bethesda Farmer's Market, they felt opening up a store and taking on more fixed costs would be the solution to turn the business around. It wasn't.

In a twist of irony, their store was located in the same place as failed vegetarian restaurant Flaxella.

Rumor has it that the landlord has already found a new tenant, that will sell raw vegan breakfast snack bars, which the new tenant claims will be a huge market in Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

Headline from 4 months in the future.
A child in the family of 5:58AM has been diagnosed with Celiac disease. After a particularly nasty flare up and lengthy hospitalization, the family has apologized for the previous rude treatment of those seeking gluten-free products, and those providing those products.
The child, of course, is questioning how the parents could have been so blase as to actually joke about it, saying they were "not going to be that 1%."
To add insult to injury, the local gluten-free shop, Red Bandana Bakery, had just closed.

Anonymous said...

Headline from 10 minutes in the future:

A bolt of lightning from out of the clear blue sky struck the home of @ 7:20 AM.

Stunned, @ 7:20 AM looked up into the sky and begged God to forgive him, for wishing Celiac disease upon an innocent child whom he had never met.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dyer said that Hans Riemer had driven all food trucks out of MoCo?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps 7:20 is tired of children being told they are faking when they say they can't eat certain foods. "I just tell them it's gluten-free. They're kids, what do they know." or my favorite "He's Canadian, they want to be different"
Past 8:11 (11:11 EST) No lightning.

Poppy said...

Celiac disease isn't really the issue here. No one in my family has it. However, Gluten-Free baked goods are very stylish. We will definitely be stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Does eating red banana's give u cellulite?

Anonymous said...

5:58 here. I'm not making fun of celiacs, I just think a gluten-free (only) bakery is a bad business decision. It's like Soup Up -- they were against using any dairy, butter, oil, or added salt in their soups, which leaves out a lot of options for popular soups.

Instead, Red Bandana should be a good overall bakery, that happens to offer a nice selection of gluten-free products in addition to the usual glutenous products found in bakeries.

1% of Americans are allergic to gluten, and let's say another 9% are avoiding gluten for other reasons. How wise is it to have a bakery that only appeals to 10% of the people who walk past it?

Of course, I could be all wrong about this. Maybe they're on to some great business idea and the reason we don't have any gluten-free (only) bakeries already is that no one else has thought of the idea. The owner will become a millionaire, and this business will expand to become the McDonald's of gluten-free bakeries.

Anyone care to place a bet?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no bet from me. It's not that I wouldn't bet on the bakery in general, I just won't bet on Bethesda.
Anyone else?

Robert Dyer said...

8:10: Based on the actual numbers, Riemer's food truck policy change caused 96% of food trucks to either go out of business or cease entering the County. The remaining 4% can only operate on private property, not the more profitable street parking locations where trucks once found success in MoCo - until the election of Hans Riemer caused their demise.