Monday, August 15, 2016

Sketch plan filed for Crescent at Chevy Chase

The sketch plan for the future Crescent at Chevy Chase development, which will replace the Newdale Mews apartments, has been filed with the Montgomery County Planning Department. Part of the Chevy Chase Lake sector plan area, the project is directly adjacent to existing single-family homes.

When constructed, the Crescent will contain 100-125 units, with a maximum height of 50'. Parking will be provided in a one-level garage underneath the building, with up to 115 parking spaces. The precise number of spaces will not be determined until the Site Plan phase of the process. 12.5% of the residential units will be affordable MPDUs, the rate required by Montgomery County.

The Crescent will be right alongside the future Purple Line light rail system, which is currently stalled by litigation.


Wrol said...

Adjacent as in across the street or in the backyard? What's the distance?

50' seems pretty reasonable. The lot 31 project did a nice job with the stone fence, wide pathway, and outdoor landscaping and hardscaping.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you added a street location for this project.

Anonymous said...

Purple Line news!

Robert Dyer said...

Both the single-family homes and the street name are labeled in the rendering above.

Anonymous said...

"The project is directly adjacent to existing single-family homes."

Eeeeek!!! They're going to get APARTMENT COOTIES!!!

Wrol said...

Oh I see thanks. Looks like it's a greet buffer between homes and the buildings. Anyone know the distance? What's the lot 31 distance?

So 35' single family homes to 50' mixed use buildings. Not too bad.

Anonymous said...

At least there is an effort to provide a treed buffer zone between the multi-family project and the single family housing, and to preserve existing trees. The 50' height is less invasive than it otherwise might have been.

I hope that the developer is planning access to public transit if the Purple Line does not go forward.