Monday, August 22, 2016

Bethesda Row outdoor movie Tuesday night: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Toll Brothers City Living is sponsoring an outdoor movie tomorrow night, August 23, 2016, at Bethesda Row. Raiders of the Lost Ark will begin screening at approximately 8:00 PM in front of Redwood at 7121 Bethesda Lane, which is co-sponsoring the event.

Seating will be limited, so bring a chair if you want to ensure a seat.

Toll Brothers is building the Hampden Row luxury condos, currently under construction at the corner of Hampden Lane and Arlington Road. They have a second downtown project moving forward at 8008 Wisconsin Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Why don't they just do it inside Redwood? No one is ever in there anyways

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Have they ever asked for the @BethesdaRow Twitter handle? What is your price to part with it?

Anonymous said...

@10:42 - Yeah, like Toht in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" right after they opened the Ark. LOL