Friday, August 19, 2016

New public art at Pike & Rose (Photos)

More news from Pike & Rose this morning. A new public art piece installed on the east facade of the Trade Street Garage lights up at night. It is visible from Rockville Pike, as well.

The images relate to the arts - the theatrical comedy/tragedy masks, a book; and to the development itself - there's a rose atop the second column, and stylized text reading "Pike & Rose" in the third column. Other icons aren't quite as obvious in their meaning. Overall, it is a very distinctive and attention-getting piece.


Anonymous said...

I just went to Mosaic District last night and wow it makes Pike and Rose feel tiny. Can't wait for FRIT to finish all the phases. This will be pretty awesome. It's pretty exciting more of these types of developments are coming up.

Anonymous said...

Love the art.

Give Pike & Rose some time to develop out. Both P&R and Mosaic are thoughtfully designed communities, where the pieces are designed to work together.

Beats the hell out of putting a building here, another over there and expecting/assuming the pieces will fall into place.

Anonymous said...

Makes me sad about Wiodmont Triangle. Such a poor collection of badly planned, non cohesive, window blocking, up and down, inactive designs with block killing loading docks and garages.

Anonymous said...

Nice garage art. Meanwhile, Tysons has Cirque Du Soleil, a massive Capital One corporate headquarters under construction, new soaring apartment towers and booming retail.