Monday, October 09, 2017

Taste of Bethesda 2017 Photo Gallery + Video

Did you miss the Taste of Bethesda on Saturday? Live vicariously through these photos taken during the event.

Chef Tony's

Perfect weather

The sunniest Taste of Bethesda
in recent years...

...but darkened by new

In darkness even at midday

Now that's dark

Bethesda's first taste of
Ashish Alfred's new
George's Chophouse

Metro dared to have a
display, and they were
not run out of town on
a rail, surprisingly - how
civilized we are in Bethesda!

Jaleo's giant paella is always
a crowdstopper

People can't get enough of
the giant paella

Montgomery County Executive
candidate Robin Ficker works
the crowd - and social media

One of his potential
Democratic opponents,
Roger Berliner was close by

Bethesda-Chevy Chase
Regional Services Center tent

Smoothie King

Another live band gets
ready to play

Dine and listen to
live music


Anonymous said...

"Darkened by new high-rises"

That's the Landau Building, you Birdbrain. That's as old as you are.

"Montgomery County Executive candidate Robin Ficker works the crowd"

Ha ha... more like "...gets ignored by the crowd."

Bethesdan said...

Great weather, great event.

Seemed like half the crowd was running for office :)

Elm said...

10:13 AM is touting another report on the event written from the perspective of a Frederick resident/freelancer.
In Dyer We Trust.

Anonymous said...

LOL at "Elm", i.e. #UnsignedDyer.

Robert Dyer said...

10:10: The Landow Building (which as a carpetbagger you don't have a clue how to spell correctly) is in the background, moron. The shadow is coming from 7770 Norfolk.

Elm said...

Getting the Frederick freelancers up to speed with Bethesda...
Talking about phoning it in...

Anonymous said...

I was at the event and very, very much appreciated the shade provided by the "high-rises" walking down the side streets for too long was almost unbearable thanks to the sun in a cloudless sky. I look forward to future events when the area is further developed providing more shade along Norfolk Ave.

If you notice all of the tables in your photo were empty, not because people didn't want to sit, but because of the sun.

As an aside, why must you always be so negative?

I give credit to Metro for at least trying to engage with the community, and most MoCo residents aren't like you? And calling a commenter a carpetbagger (which you don't seem to know the meaning of. Hint: Look up Reconstruction in the former Confederacy) because he misnames a building? Really?

Anonymous said...

There goes Dyer again thinking he is a real estate expert!

Anonymous said...

So tall and dense development close to the Metro is now a bad idea? Perhaps all new development should be underground to reverse our so called moribund economy.

Anonymous said...

1:14 PM seemed like just a factual observation. 7770 Norfolk and other new high rises will cast new shadows. Not a big deal to argue about.

Dyer is chronicling this rapidly changing city.

Paradox Pete said...

If Dyer had his way, he would kick those people whose pockets are lined by Fat Wall Street Cats and bring Fortune 500 companies to the area to fix the moribund economy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Metro dared to have a display, and they were not run out of town on a rail, surprisingly - how civilized we are in Bethesda!"

You could say the same about Robin Ficker's presence there.

Baloney Concrete said...

Metro dared to have a display, and they were not run out of town on a rail, surprisingly - how civilized we are in Bethesda!

Bethesda would be a podunk afterthought without Metro. It's the reason for all of the development and economic activity we're seeing today. Want to talk about moribund? Visit the alternate reality where Metro was routed around Bethesda.

It's not about being civilized, it's called "not biting the hand that feeds you."

I Remember Gifford's Child Abuse said...

Speaking of "not biting the hand that feeds you", how is it that Robert Dyer wrote an entire article about Taste of Bethesda, without mentioning the Bethesda Urban Partnership even once?

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't you get the Smoothie King mascot to turn toward the camera?

Also, Photos #1 and #5 are duplicates, apart from different weird filters for each. And why is that guy in the green polo shirt wearing two different colors of socks - black on one foot and white on the other?

Anonymous said...

Because Dyer’s website is news and not a blog and he is unbiased.