Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Joy by Seven Reasons construction begins in Friendship Heights (Photos)

Construction is now underway for a Friendship Heights spinoff of Seven Reasons in the District, at the Collection at Chevy Chase. The latest venture by chef Enrique Limardo, Joy by Seven Reasons, will bring his Michelin-star Latin American cuisine to the recently-revamped Chevy Chase Land Company property on Wisconsin Avenue. 

According to Eater DC, the Friendship Heights location will be a more-affordable, a la carte concept, compared to the chef tasting menu experience that has drawn celebrities like Bono to the D.C. location. That's in keeping with the downscaling of what was once touted as "Montgomery County's Rodeo Drive" to more of a middle-class destination over the last decade. The anti-business Montgomery County Council running the economy into the ditch, and the flight of the rich to lower-tax jurisdictions in the area, have left a struggling corridor of vacant storefronts to reimagine. This is the highest profile addition yet, in CCLC's effort to reposition a development once dominated by high-end luxury boutiques.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Post my comment.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Yet Marylanders keep voting woke democrats in - despite their homes losing value schools, crimes increasing, and their schools ratings decreasing due to being a sanctuary city and schools once rated top in nation ( Whitman WJ, BCC) now struggling bc they are accommodating kids without English as their language failing SATs and ACTs