Sunday, December 14, 2014


Today on the Christmas Countdown, I am testing a Christmas cookie from one of America's most legendary cookie companies, Archway. Still based in Ashland, in the great state of Ohio (unlike some unpatriotic companies who have shipped their cookie baking jobs to Mexico and China), Archway has a full line of holiday cookies available at Giant Food stores in Bethesda.

The first one I am trying is the Archway Cherry Chip Nougat cookie. What is a Cherry Chip Nougat? How does it taste? Watch my review to find out!


Anonymous said...

Ohio is not a "great state" - trust me.

Robert Dyer said...

2:02: I've been to Ohio, and my impression was favorable. They've been hit hard by jobs being shipped overseas.

Anonymous said...

I have always appreciated your patriotic loyalty to American Made products and the economically supportive reasons behind that.

It's nice to hear you touch upon it here in this review, with such relatable ease for a wide audience. It is such a simple thing, to consciously purchase brands that support American workers; but folks oft forget or are unaware of a scope broader than their shopping cart until someone mentions it.

Steve D. said...

Ohio is America's heartland.