Sunday, December 21, 2014


We've had the Chipotle of Asian food (ShopHouse), the Chipotle of pizza (Blaze Pizza), and the Chipotle of the Mediterranean (Cava Grill)... now get ready for the Chipotle of Italian.

Gusto Italian Grill has just signed a lease for the former Kraze Burgers space at the corner of Woodmont Avenue and Elm Street in downtown Bethesda. Gusto Italian Grill is built around its signature item, the Gusto Italian Roll-Up. An Italian burrito of sorts, this tortilla-like Italian flatbread is organic, and will hold your choice of Italian flavors from pasta or beans to meats, cheeses and signature sauces.

Those many choices, and the burrito-style product, are reminiscent of Chipotle, as is the bowl option. You can also get a salad bowl entree, house-made breadsticks and your choice of organic Italian sodas. Desserts will include gelato Gusto Pops. As with many new restaurants today, there will be an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients.

Designwise, Gusto's interior will be centered around the Gusto Tavola, a large communal table. Venetian textured gray and white walls, stained concrete floors, industrial metals, limestone tiles, beams and weathered woods, and handblown glass light fixtures will round out the interior design of Gusto Italian Grill.

It sounds good so far, and I look forward to giving Gusto Italian Grill a try when it opens (stay tuned for an opening date).

Gusto Italian Grill
4733 Elm Street

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