Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Even after dark, there is a lot of activity at the Lot 31 construction site across from Bethesda Row. Concrete was being lifted up to the balcony of a future luxury suite at one of the two residential buildings under construction for StonebridgeCarras by Clark Construction. Meanwhile, a wall near the Capital Crescent Trail was removed.
Trail users got a better view of
The Flats on Tuesday
Most significantly, we are getting our first glimpse of the pedestrian and vehicles entrances for the eagerly-awaited 900-space public parking garage beneath the mammoth project along Bethesda and Woodmont Avenues. The garage has been expected to open next month, even as work on the residential and retail spaces above ground continues.
One pedestrian entrance to the
garage on the ground floor of
The Flats apartments
Did you lose your ticket?
900 spaces is going to
sound mighty good next summer

The new parking can't come a
minute too soon for Bethesda Row
business owners

The now-familiar "Spaces Available"
sign is in place, as I previously reported
The Flats

Get ready to cross
Capital Crescent Trail
View from CCT back toward
Barnes and Noble
Truck parked in front of
driveway entrance to future
public parking garage entrance
on Woodmont Avenue
Good night from Lot 31


Anonymous said...

Will parking be free on weekends like the other garage?

Any electric car charging spots?

Anonymous said...

It's a county garage so yes it will be free you dumbass