Sunday, December 21, 2014


Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on December 18, according to crime data:

Disorderly conduct. 7-Eleven on Fairmont Avenue.

Assault. 4900 block St. Elmo Avenue.

Drug arrest. Woodmont Avenue at St. Elmo Avenue.

Vehicle burglary. 5700 block Lone Oak Drive.

Drug arrest. Old Georgetown Road at Lone Oak Drive.

Burglary. Unit block of Darby Court.

Theft. 6200 block Ridge Drive (Brookmont).

Vehicle burglary. 5600 block Morning Ridge Court (Pike District).

Theft. 7100 block Democracy Boulevard.

Theft. White Flint Metro station.


Anonymous said...

What about the pricing crime that the Exxon on Auburn and Old Georgetown is committing Dyer? $3.49/gallon is $1 higher than average.

Robert Dyer said...

4:38: Well, that's simple math that the County Council and Planning Board apparently don't understand. If you allow all of the gas stations in town to be demolished, you're going to get higher gas prices at the few remaining stations. This the huge planning mistake they are about to repeat with the Westbard Sector Plan. Roger Berliner said he didn't understand how gas stations on Wisconsin Avenue were beneficial to the community. It sounds like he could learn a lot from real world dwellers like yourself. This is indeed a major, major problem you are pointing out here.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:38 PM -

Simple solution - don't buy your gas there.

Although the gas stations in downtown Bethesda are more expensive than other nearby areas, that Exxon station is nearly 80 cents more expensive than the rest. And it always has been that way.

I don't understand their business model at all.

Anonymous said...

If you shop at Giant, please just go to the Giant gas station over on Connecticut near Chevy Chase Lake.

I got gas under $2 there cashing in my Giant has rewards.

Anonymous said...

"If you allow all of the gas stations in town to be demolished"

How do you propose to stop this? Require that all existing gas stations, be gas stations in perpetuity? Given that this is no longer the best use of many sites, what incentives or penalties do you propose for the owners, to force them to keep the gas stations open?

What is the Republican Party's position on this issue?

Anonymous said...

The Costco gas station proposal wasn't too popular, but maybe it makes sense to make it easier for grocery/big box stores/convenience stores to offer gas.

That would allow for gas and useful retail.

Gas tends to be cheaper too.

Robert Dyer said...

7:02: It's pretty easy - just zone gas stations to remain gas stations, and tie that restriction to there being a sufficient ratio of gas stations to residents in a particular radius.

Not sure what the position of a particular party matters in this case. Even Communists' cars need gas.

Anonymous said...

Your such a Barney Pfife, and with ideas like yours "zone gas stations to remain gas stations" you'll never even win dog catcher.

Robert Dyer said...

7:00 What's your suggestion, flying carpets or teleportation? Last time I checked, and for the next 15+ years, a majority of vehicles require gasoline. All the smart aleck comments in the world, and your adoration of Hans Riemer and George Leventhal, won't change that one bit. Yes, even Barney had to put gas in his police cruiser. By the way, dogcatcher is not an elected office in MoCo.