Thursday, December 04, 2014


Maryland Governor-elect Larry Hogan is one of 6 newly-elected governors who have been invited by President Barack Obama to the White House Friday, December 5, for a day-long meeting. Hogan will meet with Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy.

The main topic of discussion is scheduled to be the economy. Other governors invited are Governor Bill Walker of Alaska, Governor-elect Bruce Rauner of Illinois, Governor-elect Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Governor-elect Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, and Governor-elect Greg Abbott of Texas. Walker is not "Governor-elect" because he was sworn into office on December 1.


Anonymous said...

You should change the title of this blog to "Robert Dyer @ Larry Hogan".

Anonymous said...

love affair

Anonymous said...

"Oooh, Mr. Governor! I'm your biggest fan!!"

Hopefully this won't end up like Misery.

Anonymous said...

I went back to the archives for 2006 and I noted that there was not one article about then-governor-elect Martin O'Malley.

However, I did note a a couple of amusing tributes to the late Hugo Chavez. Read them before they disappear...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Oh Dyer.

Anonymous said...

"Other interesting facts: 5 million less people shopped on the day after Thanksgiving, but those who did bought more than last year. That says to me that the rich got richer, in another true cliche. The Washington Post also argued against no-document loans that help people afford homeownership and criticized the Venezuelan government for policies that allow the less wealthy to afford nice automobiles. These absurd attacks both represent a continued assault on the "ownership society" here and abroad by the left. Imagine, the Post criticizing the ability of people in a less-wealthy society to own a car. Extreme arrogance.

The Washington Post continues to boggle the mind. In 48 hours last week, the Post went from celebrating the Baker-Hamilton report as the plan for the future (and a defeat for George W. Bush) to attacking the report and essentially offering weak support for the current Bush position. Then an editorial speaks well of Pinochet's economic legacy and blasts Fidel Castro. Check that masthead. Is this the Post or the Times?

Finally, could that new, conservative Washington Post be any more irrelevant? After felling many a paper-providing tree and much ink to defeat President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, he won in a landslide in a free, fair election. Again. Clearly Chavez is the choice of the majority in Venezuela, and we're just left to wonder why Chavez is such a concern to the Washington Post company and its corporate empire."


Anonymous said...

"Arnold for President

Regular readers of this blog know that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most prominent example of leadership in all 50 states. Gov. Schwarzenegger has proven that government can work when citizens are the priority, instead of partisan politics. When his last term is up in Sacramento, U.S. Congress and the White House beckon. Can a legal loophole be found to allow him to run for President? Let's hope so. Clearly there is broad support for a Schwarzenegger candidacy. Here is the result for an online poll at one point last week on Yahoo!:

Would you vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger for president of the United States?

YES: 54%
NO: 44%

Enjoy the clips at this special Yahoo! site, featuring the most successful and popular governor in America - and he's a Republican!"

Anonymous said...

"The Washington Post also argued against no-document loans that help people afford homeownership"

LOL, Dyer shilling for subprime loans in 2006.

I'd say that's a much bigger scandal than Beerghazi.

Or Concretecanyongate.

Robert Dyer said...

Not sure I get your point. I stand by what I wrote in those excerpts, and those posts have held up quite well. I absolutely support homeownership for all races and income levels. If you want to support Pinochet and Warren Buffett, that's your prerogative. Of course, that's why you're posting anonymous, because your political career in MoCo would be over if your name was associated with the comments you post on this blog. You fell for the idea that the middle class buying homes was responsible for the financial "collapse," not the Wall Street crooks who were really behind it. Not surprising coming from a supporter of Hans Riemer, who has raked in tens of thousands of dollars from Wall Street banks, Wall Street lobbyists, and pioneers in outsourcing like Bain Capital and Danaher Corporation.

And you're criticizing me? Oops.

Anonymous said...

Only Robert Dyer could turn "subprime loans" into "homeownership for all races and income levels." Talk about a euphemism.

George Carlin would be proud and have quite a lot of new material if he were alive and you were, like, an actual somebody.

Anonymous said...

Predatory lending and the CRA are two completely different things. Even ACORN protested the abuses in the subprime mortgage industry, years before Countrywide went belly-up.

Is Hans Riemer a secret Republican?

Is Robert Dyer a secret Democrat?

This is all so confusing.

Anonymous said...

Another gem. This one is from December 29, 2008:


"A new USA Today poll found that Sarah Palin is the second most-admired woman in the world. Gov. Palin ranked far ahead of Michelle Obama (who had only 3% to Palin's 11%).

"Real people have spoken, and the results are nothing like what the media hype would have you believe."

Anonymous said...

And some more gems:

Friday, November 20, 2009


The Dog-Whistle couldn't blow any louder, could it?

And several rants denying Global Warming in November and December 2009.

Jane said...

So the commentors were right. There is bias in what dyer chooses to write about. The post history is evidence. Fact!

Anonymous said...

Only anonymous commenters could defend the big banks. (Probably the same folks who support Barwood).

Anonymous said...

Dyer is "an anonymous commenter"?


Robert Dyer said...

10:05: No, I actually put my name to what I write. The anonymous commenter is trying to claim that middle class mortgages were the cause of the Great Recession, when in fact it was Wall Street shenanigans that were behind the whole thing. That fans of Hans "Wall Street" Riemer would be defending Wall Street crooks is not surprising - many of Riemer's donors do just that for a living.

Robert Dyer said...

4:48: Nice try, but that was about how "smart growth" urban design of hidden parking lots/garages is less safe for the public than surface parking in view of the street.

Anonymous said...

"...trying to claim that middle class mortgages were the cause of the Great Recession, when in fact it was Wall Street shenanigans that were behind the whole thing."

Here are Dyer's actual comments from the fall of 2006, just under two years before the collapse of Countrywide. I'll let the rest of you be the judge as to whether he was supporting "middle class mortgages", or "Wall street shenanigans".

Dyer, December 4, 2006:

"The Washington Post also argued against no-document loans [AKA "liar loans"] that help people afford homeownership..."

Dyer, October 2, 2006

"the Federal Government is cracking down on so-called "exotic" mortgages. What this means is that fewer people will be able to afford to buy homes. This action is discriminatory, and hurts young people buying their first homes, as well as African-American and Latino homebuyers. This is an outrage."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the timeframe in my previous comment was wrong. Countrywide failed in August 2007. It was IndyMac that failed in July 2008.

Robert Dyer said...

3:20: So you actually believe the financial "crisis" was caused by working families having access to home ownership, and not the Wall Street banks and shenanigans? Do some research and get back to me. You must be a Hans Riemer Democrat.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you're the one who is defending Wall Street shenanigans, no matter how many ways you try to spin it.

Robert Dyer said...

4:06: "Lol," a homeowner obtaining a loan was not the cause of the financial "crisis" or recession. That's just a Wall Street talking point to divert attention from the real story. I've never defended Wall Street crooks, but your boss Hans Riemer has actually taken tens of thousands of dollars in donations from them. Oops. As a Wall Street Democrat, I guess diverting attention with fake talking points is standard procedure for you. Do some research on what the banks did prior, during and after the recession, and get back to me.

Anonymous said...

You're still fooling absolutely no one. You explicitly supported specific, highly deceptive and reckless policies BY BANKS AND OTHER MORTGAGE LENDERS, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of first-time homeowners not being able to pay back mortgages for which they had been approved, and forced into foreclosure.

Shame on you for being so dishonest and utterly insulting to your readers' intelligence.

Robert Dyer said...

9:00: "Shame on you" for associating all affordable homeownership financing with criminal activity. I've never endorsed any such practices. Your boss, Hans Riemer, on the other hand, has taken campaign donations from the very Wall Street crooks you are referring to. Anonymous, you've helped to whittle down the possibilities of who you really are by placing yourself at the public hearing last week. Why not man up and tell us who you are, and who is paying you to spend all day posting comments on this blog?