Saturday, February 21, 2015


Another winter weather event is approaching Bethesda today. Snow is expected to begin falling early this afternoon, and pick up steam between 5:00-7:00 PM, so keep that pizza delivery number handy for dinner tonight. Accumulation could be in the 2-4" range, according to the National Weather Service.

Then things are going to go the opposite of what you'd expect tonight - it will actually get warmer as the night goes on, instead of colder. Snow will change over to freezing rain, and then to rain by around 10:00 PM. By 8:00 AM Sunday, we will be in the mid-30s, with fog. We'll reach a high of around 40° F by 3:00 PM on a cloudy Sunday.

Remember the Bethesda Metro Station is closed this weekend for work on the escalator truss, which cannot be done safely with passengers in the station according to a Metro press release.

Stay tuned here and to @BethesdaRow on Twitter for updates during the storm.


Anonymous said...

You know if you're gonna continue to give weather forecast at least picture yourself in the appropriate season. That sure is not a winter background, or are you making a lame attempt to sell your sole to the local non-print media.

Robert Dyer said...

I'm "gonna continue to give a weather forecast." But FYI, a "sole" is either a fish or part of a shoe, but never something that passes into the Great Beyond. #SpellCheck MoCo Machine.