Monday, February 09, 2015


CORE is the new tenant at the recently-vacated Burton Store in Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. Like the short-lived J. Cigar, CORE is a local import from sister mall Westfield Wheaton Plaza.

According to CORE's website, the boutique's upscale apparel is "Progressive. Luxury. Street. Contemporary."

You can get a preview on their Instagram account and website. Or, just take a sneak peek into the future store in this photo:


Anonymous said...

Sure is a lot of turnover there.


Robert Dyer said...

7:30: The outgoing businesses are being replaced with more upscale tenants. Not a dead mall, just part of converting to a higher-end property.

Anonymous said...

"Upscale tenants... from Wheaton Plaza."


Robert Dyer said...

Wheaton Plaza has had upscale tenants throughout its history. You and Hans Riemer might want to get up to speed on MoCo history. He needs GPS to find Wheaton Plaza.

Anonymous said...

Ok that Riemer comment was completely irrelevant.

Many do see Wheaton Mall and "upscale" as unrelated.

Anonymous said...

UPSCALE??? Ok, I grew up next to Wheaton Plaza and it is a certifiable sh#t-hole, there's nothing "upscale" about it, and never has been. It's a dirty and crime-ridden cesspool.

Jim said...

Agreed. Wheaton Mall is definitely not upscale. They certainly are doing a fair job of making it nicer than before, but certainly far from upscale.

Robert Dyer said...

I said Wheaton Plaza has always had some upscale tenants, such as upscale department stores. You're making it sound like I claimed the entire mall is Rodeo Drive boutiques.

Westfield is doing a good job at Wheaton Plaza. Unlike the County, which has - thanks to Pay-to-Play corruption with their developer sugar daddies - presided over the decline of once-thriving commercial districts in Wheaton and Glenmont. All they were able to provide is an apartment building with a grocery store logo on top. Stay classy, Montgomery County. Wheaton was better before they started.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the comment here you replied to. Certainly I did not suggest you said Wheaton mall was upscale. I am simply saying I do not believe it is myself. Certainly your upscale tenants comment is appropriate, but you are being defensive where no offense was taken.

Explain your pay to play comments if you will.

Also, I don't follow the rest of your post if you can clarify. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wheaton's problem isn't "the MoCo machine."

"Greenhill owns 41 of about 150 downtown Wheaton properties, according to the company's Web site, making it one of Wheaton's biggest landowners."

(Re-posted from article about UFC Gym closure)

Anonymous said...

That wing of Montgomery Mall had a bunch of downscale tenants and was ripe for turnover. Next up is probably the two nail salons next to Old Navy.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for noticing and reporting on the new CORE location at Westfield Montgomery.
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