Saturday, February 07, 2015


The downtown Bethesda Radio Shack is apparently ahead of the corporate headquarters. Yesterday, I reported that the head office had listed the 8125 Wisconsin Avenue store as one it was planning to "potentially" close under its Chapter 11 reorganization.

But yesterday, the store itself announced it is indeed closing, and is selling off inventory at 30-50% off. Which is somewhat confusing, as even 50% off doesn't qualify as "everything must go" panic pricing in my book. Remember, the corporate announcement claimed closing stores would have to sell off their remaining inventory, not transfer it to other Radio Shack stores. Now maybe the prices will drop as the final day approaches, but 50% is not exactly a liquidation sale for a cheapskate bargain hunter like me.

Still, you might find some good deals that will at least beat competing chains by a mile.


Anonymous said...

The discounts on Radio Shack's regular prices would have to exceed 80%, to beat Newegg.

Flynn said...

Or amazon or mono price or..... :)

But 30-50% is a good start from normal pricing for that random thing you need right that minute.