Thursday, February 19, 2015


Douglas Development continues the makeover of the Shops of Wisconsin mall at 6831 Wisconsin Avenue, but the redesign itself has been updated along the way. A new rendering from the DC-based development firm no longer includes the planned arch at the front of the property. The patio is simplified, as well, with less vegetation and tables. A new, glassed-in entrance with escalators is depicted to the right of the space-age elevator.

Renovations have been going on for almost 2 years at this shopping center, which is best known for its anchor, Trader Joe's.
Here is the original 2013 concept,
for comparison
Renderings courtesy Douglas Development
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Anonymous said...

Why has it taken so long to finish this project? Are they out of funding?

Robert Diller said...

Really surprised this is taking so long. Anyone in the know have any insight? By most accounts, Douglas should have plenty of money.

Really hoping to see this corner activated. Would go a long way in connecting that end of Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

Robert - maybe they will provide you a quote or update for the blog. They seem to be keeping the community in the dark

Anonymous said...

I walked by today and there is a Stop Work order posted on the door of the management office (3rd floor, across from H&R Block). Looks like it has been there for a while.