Monday, February 23, 2015


Two more retail tenants plan to open at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda.

Johnston & Murphy has been a shoemaker to U.S. presidents since Millard Fillmore in 1850, all the way up to Barack Obama. Now you, too, can own a pair. Or two. Or three. They also carry apparel and accessories for men and women. Johnston & Murphy will be on the upper level near Freddy.

Tea has been slow to catch up to coffee in the hearts of exhausted Americans, but tea shops are slowly popping up around Bethesda. One more is on the way at the mall, as Rumi Tea & Spice has leased a space on the lower level.


Anonymous said...

Given that this is not newly constructed space, what failed businesses previously occupied these two locations?

Anonymous said...

Check Dyer's previous reporting.

The Tea & Spice place is where the cigar/vape was. Before that it was a chocolate store. It's a low traffic wing of the mall with nail salons and the like.

Johnston & Murphy is where the children's store was.

Anonymous said...

They need to tear down that entire wing. Otherwise the decay will spread to the rest of the mall. Apparently it's still haunted by the ghost of Woodies.


Anonymous said...

@9:07AM Was Woodies where Macy's is now?
Macy's seems to be busy last time I was there. That was during the post holiday sales though.

I'll shop there since Macy's 20% off coupons are plentiful.

Anonymous said...

WTF U sayin'?

Anonymous said...

Macy's brings down the mall too. Go shopping there, even on a slow day, and try to find someone to help you. One time we wanted to buy some new bedsheets, and walked through half the store until we found a cash register that actually had someone manning it.

Anonymous said...

Macy's took over the former Hechts site.

The area with the failing shops is what used to be the first floor of Woodies. After Woodies went out of business, that was a JCPenney for a few years, but that closed too. After that the second floor was converted to Hechts Home, now Macy's home, and the first floor was converted into smaller shops.