Friday, February 20, 2015


The owner of 4924 St. Elmo Avenue is taking former tenant Pizza Pass to the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County, in an attempt to collect unpaid rent. Pizza Pass closed at the end of January, after putting the contents of the restaurant up for auction.

A complaint filed by the landlord's attorney, Caitlin C. Grant of Bethesda-based Lerch, Early & Brewer, asserts that rent was not paid from October 2014 through January 2015. The total amount sought from PIZZAPASS, LLC is $42,925.49, including late charges.


Anonymous said...

The landlord is anonymous?

Robert Dyer said...

5:10: Just like you.

Anonymous said...

A reader asks a legitimate question and you respond like that? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah shouldnt the landlord's name be listed in the court filing?

Anonymous said...

Remember those other reports saying that this pizza joint was going to continue operating after selling all of their utensils, pizza ovens, fridges and furniture? lol.

The owner really fooled them. And they ate it up, hoping to prove Dyer wrong and never investigating or asking a tough question.

Francis said...

The owner never fooled anyone. News sites were just reporting what he was saying publicly, but everyone could figure it out. :)

What investigation or tough questions would there be? Lol.

Anonymous said...

@6:48 AM
"News sites were just reporting what he was saying publicly".

That statement crystallizes why Riemer likes his favorite blog so much :)

Use your brain, man. The guy said he was selling *everything* in his restaurant and posts an ad saying he's closing.

Use critical thinking, get out and investigate. Don't take every press release at face value. Earn your pay.

Bob said...

Relax. Everyone here is already in agreement on that. :)

Bob said...

That was pretty uncalled for, but that's Dyer for you. His blog, his rules.

City-Data says:

Total land value: $375,000
Total value for property: $805,332
Total assessed value for property: $805,332
Base area of building: 1,950 square feet
Number of stories: 1
Date of current assessment: 08/2007
Year property was built: 1957

Robert Dyer said...

6:25: The name "Bob" listed is not the LLC-type of corporate name listed on the filing.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the property is 4931 FAIRMONT LLC and their address (of the LLC) is 4922A SAINT ELMO AVE BETHESDA MD 20814, according to Maryland records.

I don't see any filings in the court system under that name or PizzaPass, however I do see that some filings are being excluded from the search for privacy reasons. It could just be that the filing is recent and not in the system yet.

Anonymous said...

Dyer is implying that he knows the name yet for some reason he is keeping it secret. I wonder why?

Bob L said...

Hm, I guess that city-data website was wrong. Oops. Sounds like a reader below got the right info?

Hands Reamer said...

PizzaPass owner reports that he is not closing! In fact, he has an entirely new concept in development: Better for you hot dogs delivered to your door by a fleet of Union Hardware toilet cars.

In an exclusive sit down interview (we were both seated on union hardware toilets outside), he details how he intends to serve up the best plump hot dogs in town via a fleet of toilets.