Saturday, May 02, 2015

Bethesda construction update: New garage at Pike and Rose in North Bethesda

The often-cramped garage at Pike & Rose could get some relief when a second garage now under construction opens.


Anonymous said...

How many short bus parking spaces will it feature?

Anonymous said...

I have made it my lifes work to destroy you dyer ... you will be disgraced and shown for the fraud you are.

You're time in the sun is fading - you will rue the day you created a blog.

Anonymous said...

Dyer Forever! Sorry 6:09pm :)
The sun has already set for other Bethesda blogs.

Ellis said...

6:09- Man, does your life suck.

What really do you have to look forward to?

A Cross mechanical pencil when you are eighty, with the inscription: "'The Sun Also Rises.' ~With Sympathy, Dyer, Unltd."

Anonymous said... You're right.
Why does 6:09PM have so much negativity about a local news site, covering a small suburb of Washington, DC, called Bethesda,Md.?

Anonymous said...

I guess he just doesn't like Dyer.

Anonymous said...

11:18am. Yeah, it's the same old friends of white flint contingent that have some axe to grind with Robert.

Let it go people. So unfriendly for a friends group.

Anonymous said...

No need to make assumptions. We aren't all in that group.

Can't wait for the other entrances to open up too. That grand park avenue or whatever it's called gets really congested now.