Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First look: Park behind The Flats at Bethesda Ave. (Photos)

Here's a sneak peek at the park/plaza common area behind The Flats at Bethesda Avenue luxury apartments. Some vegetation is in place, as well as most of the pavers. Water features are being added, as well. Tucked between the building and the quiet Sacks residential neighborhood, it could be a quiet oasis steps away from the restaurants and shops of Bethesda Row.

In fact, Sacks residents are getting exclusive access to this area, and its more direct connection to the urban district of Bethesda. As you will notice in the photos below, houses that border The Flats now have private staircases and paths that lead into the park.

There is also a circular, drop-off driveway in this area.

You'll also notice that there has been a significant decrease in the construction-related "junk" and equipment placed near the Sacks neighborhood entrance at Leland Street and Woodmont Avenue, now that construction is nearing completion.

Private staircase and gate
for a Sacks resident to
access the park from this

Looking toward
Ourisman Honda
Another private access stair

Some vegetation in place,
more on the way

Looking toward houses in
the Sacks neighborhood

Indoor common area
for residents; looks like
future spots for a flatscreen TV,
fireplace and bar

A completed unit on
the ground floor

Near the Sacks neighborhood

Eastham's Park at Woodmont Ave.


Anonymous said...

Is Robert Dyer a ghost from the future? #YouDecide

Anonymous said...

This does look like a nice area. So will the general public be able to access it, or only residents of that building and those with private staircase access?

Anonymous said...

@10:44 - the area is directly accessible by the public via the walkway between the Capital Crescent Trail and Woodmont Ave.

Anonymous said...

OMG those missing pavers are a war on pedestrians!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you read "the glossy magazine", you'd know that not only is this area open to the public, but it is being used as a detour for the Capital Crescent Trail while the section between the Flats and Ourisman Honda is rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

2:41 PM What's the need to tout your stuff here? Dyer doesn't troll your blog.

Anonymous said...

What blog is 2:41 touting? And why do you think it's his/hers?

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic!