Friday, May 29, 2015

New crosswalk on Bethesda Avenue (Photos)

Heads up: Drivers and pedestrians should be aware of the new crosswalk being put into place on Bethesda Avenue at Woodmont Avenue, at the Barnes and Noble plaza. For the last couple of years, pedestrians and trail users have been making a crossing further down the block by the Capital Crescent Trail. That was necessary due to the sidewalk closure on the southern side of Bethesda Avenue at the Lot 31 construction site.

Now that the Flats at Bethesda Avenue apartments and retail are near completion, a new crosswalk has been painted across the road. So if you are, for example, turning right from southbound Woodmont, be aware that you'll have to ready to stop sooner than you may be used to.


Anonymous said...

Will Dyer demand an investigation into why there is that ugly gap in the stripe in the crosswalk at the manhole cover?



Anonymous said...