Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tako Grill opens in new Bethesda location (Photos)

Tako Grill closed its 7756 Wisconsin Avenue location in February, and had originally hoped to reopen in its new Hampden Lane spot in March. Things did not go quite as planned, however.

But the Japanese restaurant and sushi bar has now finally reopened at the Shoppes of Bethesda on Hampden Lane.

Their original space on Wisconsin Avenue was to have been demolished for a Westin hotel and office project. That project has fallen behind schedule - bigtime. The hotel was supposed to open this year!

Tako Grill
4914 Hampden Lane


Anonymous said...

Will someone email NorthBethesda@andpizza.com and see when they will be open?!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about the re-opening!

weski said...

We've been waiting for their Opening a while.