Saturday, May 09, 2015

New renderings of just-approved Gables Pike District apartments (Photos)

The Gables White Flint mixed-use residential development has a new name - and new renderings to go with it. Now referred to as Gables Pike District (after the recent rebranding of White Flint as the Pike District), the 5.14 acre Gables Residential development has just received approval of its site plan from the Montgomery County Planning Board. It will replace a couple of surface parking lots, and be part of a new street grid along Old Georgetown Road and a realigned Executive Boulevard.

Gables Pike District will include 3 buildings, 2 new streets, up to 476 apartments, 31,000 SF of retail, and a public parking garage that will serve both the development and the nearby Wall Park and Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center.

"Gables Pike District will be another important step towards the transformation of the Pike District as a truly vibrant live, work, play community," Gables Residential’s Jorgen Punda, Regional Vice President for Investments, said in a statement yesterday. "We appreciate the collaboration from park and planning staff and the County Executive’s office that has helped us to reach this point."

This new rendering of Festival Street at the future development may remind you a bit of the successful Bethesda Lane at Federal Realty's Bethesda Row, except with cars allowed in this case:

Phase 1 of the development, which will include the parking garage, is on track to begin construction early next year. The apartments should begin construction in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Is there a link to more renderings or a source where we can read more? Thanks!

Looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Well if they don't fill up their retail spaces with home design firms and banks the Pike District infill will be intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I say Gallery Bethesda should be raised for being such assholes .... a fucking design firm?! Go fuck yourself assholes.

NO WAY will I ever rent there - ASSHOLES.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think he meant to say "razed".

Steve D. said...

Maybe he was suggesting better parenting?