Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bethesda Pool opens today at noon

The semi-official start to summer is always marked by the opening of the public Bethesda Pool, located at Little Falls Parkway and Hillandale Road. Stuck in town for Memorial Day Weekend? Head to the pool for a poor man/woman's version of sun and water at this pool convenient to downtown Bethesda.

The pool will be open from noon to 6 PM today, Sunday, and Memorial Day.

You can park in the lot on-site, or at an auxiliary lot north of the intersection of Little Falls Parkway and Arlington Road. Reaching the pool is also easy via the Capital Crescent Trail, which runs alongside the pool property.

The fees are as follows:

County ResidentNon-County WeekdayNon-County Weekend
Minor (age 1-17 years )$4.00$6.50$7.00
Adult (age 18 and older )$6.00$7.50$8.00
Senior (age 55 and over, with I.D. )$4.50$6.50$7.00


Anonymous said...

So did Hillandale re-open, or not?

Anonymous said...

It was definitely open to traffic yesterday.

Anonymous said...

While Dyer was sleeping. Again.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Dyer reported it was opening ahead of time.

Robert Dyer said...

12:42: Apparently, you were asleep when I reported it at 8:00 AM - just like you were when I broke the Bruce Variety story midday Monday.

"Don't go to bed before the King."

Anonymous said...

so people who go to the bethesda pool are poor?

Anonymous said...

Can vampires swim?

Anonymous said...